Client Support Services

Financial Services

Assistance is offered in limited quantities for the following services:

  • Financial assistance for emergencies to prevent homelessness
  • Assistance in accessing housing subsidies, welfare benefits and other programs
  • Assistance in landlord mediation and negotiation
  • Referrals to parenting classes, 12-step programs, and counseling

IDs, Transportation, Work Supplies

Identification and Documentation

Birth certificates and IDs: Only individuals who are homeless are eligible for financial assistance. Financial assistance may not be used for fines or reinstatement fees.

Transportation Support

Bus Tickets: Eligible clients may receive bus tickets for the purpose of obtaining employment. Goals must be identified in advance and progress must be reported to continue to use this service. Only needs directly applicable to employment are eligible requests.

Bike Donations: Clients may apply to receive a donated bicycle. This program is entirely dependent on available resources. All applicants are considered simultaneously, based on need, ability, and utilization requirements.

Supplies for Work

Based on donation availability or grant eligibility, clients may be eligible to receive supplies needed to maintain employment. Supplies may include but are not limited to: work gloves, work boots, tools, computer supplies, professional stationery, software, interview clothes, non-slip shoes, and scrubs.