Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter • 2 Quincy Street • Nashua • NH • 03061-3116

Holiday Food Boxes: - During the month of November we distributed approximately 1,100 food boxes and turkeys to individuals and families assuring that they will have holiday meals in their homes.  The week before Christmas we distribute another 800+ food boxes and turkeys for folks to have their holiday meal at home.

Library: - Our "Dining Room Library" offers books and magazines that are free for the taking. Children are given books on an on-going basis and during the school supply distribution program.

School Supply Distribution: - In August 2015, over 2,300 children received new backpacks and school supplies. This important program assures that the children will start school on even footing with the peers and shows them that the community feels their education is important.  

Support for Children: - Children receive holiday items such as Easter baskets, boxes of Valentines Day cards to distribute to their classmates, birthday cakes and other holiday treats.  We also have a Birthday Room; a parent can request gifts for their child a week before their birthday.  
We created a Birthday Room to provide new toys and gifts for children having a birthday who are staying in our shelters or whose families have no resources to celebrate it! We also collect party plates, hats, napkins and candles. Have birthday supplies left over from your own child's party? Drop them off! We can use them!

Women Helping Women: - Programs have included distribution of items such as new underwear and socks, make-up, and beauty supplies for women who cannot afford to purchase them.