Did you know
that you can make
a donation
to the Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter
In Honor Of
In Memory Of
We will acknowledge that gift  with a tasteful donation card  
mailed to the honoree or the family member (if it is in memory of someone) whom you have designated to receive the card.
To donate right now,  
please use our online link button:
                                                             Donate Now 
Donations can be made by check,
cash (in person--please do not mail cash)
or even by credit card. 

Click here to view/print a donation form.
You can also call our Business Office
at 603-889-7770 to make a donation with your credit card.  Ask for Erika (Extension 10)

Our mailing address is
P.O. Box 3116
Nashua, NH  03061-3116 
Our Business Office is located at
2 Quincy Street, Nashua  
We are here Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM
Thank you!