Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter, Inc.

2 Quincy Street
PO Box 3116
Nashua NH 03061-3116

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does the Soup Kitchen accept opened containers of shampoo?


2) Does the Soup Kitchen accept food from restaurants?

Yes, the
Good Samaritan Law allows restaurants to donate food which has been prepared but not served to customers.

3) What's the best way for me to help the Soup Kitchen?

Be a philanthropist. Phil
anthropy or phil – anthropy is Greek for love of humanity. You can be a philanthropist in a variety of ways by donating your time (volunteer at the kitchen, pantry or shelter), donating a skill/talent (fix a car or review a legal document), or donate your treasure (90% of our budget comes from philanthropic gifts from people like you.)

4) What's the item the Soup Kitchen rarely receives donations for, but could really use?

Large bins to tote produce and dry goods.


The NSKS serves the Greater Nashua area. Community support is critical to the NSKS. Over 80% of the funds for operating programs for those in need come from private contributions. We are grateful for your support.
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The Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter Inc.
is a 501(c)(3) private, tax deductible non-profit agency.